A Blockchain Organization

MYCE is a global blockchain that functions as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

  • Self-sustainable without external investment
  • Cross-blockchain compatible

A trustless cooperative environment due to aligned economic incentives.


To represent a unique take on what an intelligent blockchain organism could look like.

Blockchain technology does more than ‚Äúreplace money”. It creates the bases for a complete decentralized economy. This is the closest thing to a revolution you can experience.

A historic moment, one to get involved. 

YCE coin: Built for Everyday Use

Through clever protocol design, the system rewards active participation with Governance on the blockchain. An efficient Proof-Of-Stake consensus algorithm that solves sustainability and centralization problems.

YCE Coin is one of the most efficient and scalables. Near zero fees for thousands of transactions per minute ready to spend in 1 second.

Alive and Fully functional since 1st March 2018

MYCE World: A Two-layer Infrastructure

We build effective and simple blockhain products for users in crypto. These payments make us a self-sustainable organization.

Advanced intelligent systems without human supervision.

In fact, our products handled more than 50 Millon USD worth of tokens for central tasks in partners critical areas. Building a strong supportive network is on our nature, symbiotic relationships. 

Artificial intelligence can empower cryptocurrencies. The real value will come from projects who can make this technology more approachable to common users. MYCE is there.

Brian D. Colwell – The future of blockchain support