Simple Blockchain Experiences

We help crypto users achieve successful investments by building simple blockchain-based products.


How do you build for the future?

Studies show that 70% of people think crypto is too complicated to understand or use.

The problem

Information overload

The solution

Organize and Relay

Crypto needs an easy gateway to ensure positive impact.

MYCE empowers the correct use of blockchain technology for people like you

Trust working products.

In this fast-growing crypto area our honest and hard working reputation is highly recognized. In the last 6 months clients have trusted our products with more than 50 Millon USD worth of tokens for central tasks on their critical areas.

Our products are simple, scalable and reliable. They strengthen every blockchain.

This is the right moment to get involved.

Meet the MYCE Citizens

These select individuals arrive by chance and stay by choice because as MYCE Citizens, their current yearly Return on Investment is 51% on YCE tokens.

We are currently 276 MYCE Citizens with room left for only 271 more.

Any investor who enables a Masternode is eligible to become a Citizen.


You are a Central Station

If a Blockchain is a rail track then a Masternode is a Train Station

We need investors who can take care of these central stations while we expand the reach of this network. Keeping the blockchain healthy and decentralized makes you more than just an investor.

How do you enable a profitable MYCE Masternode?

YCE Coin

Accumulate 100 000 YCE

Enables a MYCE Masternode

51% ROI

An individual does not need to sign any paperwork for running a Masternode, they simply need to install it. Our Hosting Platform guided thousands of investors with no technicall skills.

It is an easy 10 minute task.