Development Update 1

Written by  pedro  on Jul 15, 2020

Release version 3.0.3

I go on to explain the most relevant arrangements and invite you to go through the full detail of the work done on the Myce Github. As always our code remains open-source.

Right-click wallet crash.

Myce can present proposals in which to work and receive a payment if the majority of its users accept it. Known as "decentralized governance". There was a small fix on a bug that closed the wallet when the user right-clicked for voting.

Ensure receiving address belongs to loaded wallet.dat

Fierydev, one of our investors, discovered that on a reinstall of the desktop client, the software could display information that belongs to the previous installation. Therefore, it is always vital to backup the famous wallet.dat file. It handles saving your funds and storing addresses. This was also corrected.

Avoid new keys creation when generating PoS blocks

Another valuable mention on this list of fixes took part on the client. We are part of the small list of coins that support BIP44 that defines a logical hierarchy for deterministic wallets. As part of its account discovery procedure, the wallet stops scanning for transactions after discovering 20 consecutive addresses without transactions.

While staking, the wallet will take the next available receiving address from its reserved pool. But these addresses would never have any transaction received.

The problem would appear if someone tries to restore the wallet using a mnemonic phrase on a 3rd party wallet. Showing inconsistency on your YCE Coins balance.

burncoins blockchain command.

The addition of a new command to interact with our blockchain has me quite excited. It opens a wide range of possibilities. This new RPC command serves a double purpose: allows to send encrypted messages and to burn YCE coins.

Momentarily only available through the command line, you can test it with the following example.

./myce-cli burncoins 0.001 "Thanks for reading"

Please head in to to download.