New product launch: Steward, Myce Masternode steward.

Written by  pedro  on Dec 14, 2020

Steward will officially make you a Citizen.

Free to use for as long as you choose to keep the Masternode up and running.

Remember that a Blockchain demands a network of online computers to work. Known as Masternodes, these computers must be well defined because they represent a person.

There is a maximum amount of seats available, limited by technical rules on the Blockchain initial design.

A defined Myce membership. We call them: Myce Citizens.

The MYCE system has a simple way of being a Citizen. Any user who enables a Masternode is eligible to become a Citizen. To enable a Masternode, a person must accumulate 100.000 YCE available on Altilly Exchange.

Steward holds your hand to make it easy to set up a Masternode once you have enough collateral. And by enabling it, you will receive regular payments as rewards into your MYCE wallet.

Click here to access Steward on your personal dashboard.