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Bitcoin is currently the top dog. It has built-in network effects, a community and easy explained persuasion.

Would you invest in a coin aimed to disrupt the entire financial system?

The tech isn’t ready, yet people still keep coming, because of persuasion. They keep referring to Bitcoin as a tulip bubble because of exactly that. People don’t understand the technology, yet see the group move towards this new thing.

Persuasion, the allure of easy fortunes and freedom.

Do not get confused, we are here for the same. But trying to encapsulate the scope of a disruptive technology at such an early stage is a waste of time.

MYCE organizes a group around a digital currency by aligning their economic incentives.

Investors trust the network not each other, the system itself is trustless. It is this strange combination of the trust and the trustless that MYCE believes in.

The theory behind this is that we don’t need to know each other to empower, by going after the same goal we act as a group.

A united profit-oriented group.

Association of persons with common economic aspirations through a jointly-owned controlled enterprise.

The International Co-operative Alliance Statement on the Co-operative Identity, Manchester 1995

There is no need to re-invent the wheel, instead we take advantage of a disruptive technology.

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My name is Pedro and I invite you to #exploremyceworld