Autonomous Organization

Atomic Swaps, Governance and Oracles on MYCE Upgrade.

Technology has brought positive change in many aspects of our lives. At a cost – the erosion of Trust and Privacy. We embrace it with pockets full of things we do not need, we have lost the sense of freedom.

Privacy affects freedom of speech, privacy affects freedom of association. We lose these rights as we crawl towards comfort. It makes sense, a comfortable place is pleasant to spend time in.

MYCE next Blockchain upgrade brings Autonomy.

We are technologically ahead and it is not the first time. Only 2 months ago we exceeded expectations and positioned YCE Coin well ahead of what the market expected for a project of our caliber.

With a space full of vague promises we have a fully functional working ecosystem with 240 Citizens.

What stops us from trading one cryptocurrency for another?

  • Trust
  • Coins can’t move between chains, they are incompatible.

Both solved on this following upgrade with Atomic swap (BIP65).

Real inter-communicability for blockchains. This is an important step in a direction that allows users to conduct trustless, cross-chain, over-the-counter (“OTC”) exchanges without a third party. This disintermediates the exchange process between cryptocurrencies that support these swap transactions. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum are those available, the list doesn’t go farther.


A community is the most important characteristic of any cryptocurrency projects. Let’s put on their hands the future of this organization. Cohesive decision-making about available resources.

On a traditional company, only a few individuals have an opportunity to act as directors. On MYCE DAO those who will choose to take part are Citizens.

A Powerful Gateway: MYCE Bots Oracles

We encourage global player in our network to come together, to develop solutions on MYCE platform that have the potential to transform industries.

MYCE Blockchain will allow verification of transactions on the network depending on the output of an off chain Oracle or our MYCE BOTS. An improvement over Bitcoin available on BTC Cash (OP_CHECKDATASIGVERIFY).

Endless possibilities for both data and users emerge from this following upgrade. We will enhance them with our bots and turn them into simple experiences worth your time.