Masternode Installation

Any user can solve the installation of a Masternodes, it is a 10-minute task done by yourself or with a third-party provider.

We recommend that coins always remain safely on your MYCE wallet.

There are two possible setup options:

  • Cold Setup:  This setup holds your MYCE Coins on your MYCE Desktop Wallet while also running an empty MYCE Wallet on a computer that is always connected to the Internet. This is considered a secure setup.
  • Hot Setup: This setup will also contain your MYCE coins on the same MYCE Desktop Wallet but it will require the computer to be always online.

MYCE Team has created some guides and installation scripts to perform this task on your own. They are available on

The following is a table for users who prefer a third-party to handle the installation of Myce Masternode.

Hosting Service options
Trittium & HOT

Finally! My first MasterNode is up and running! After a month trying to set up my MN on my own I realized it was too techy for me. Thanks to MYCE MN Hosting Platform it was smooth like I couldn’t believe! Can truly recommend!

The Frog Freddy – Twitter